Sunday, 21 February 2010


Over the past few weeks I have been gradually working on some new pieces for my Lissi shops and also re-working a couple of pieces from the past that didn't sell. I thought this would be a good idea as I didn't want to be relisting the same products over and over again, and although I always receive lovely comments about my products as they are I also want to give my audience something new to view!

Firstly, the extra long Ecalyptus Printed Silk Scarf.

This scarf looked great when it was wrapped around a couple of times, giving it a chunky snug appeal so I decided to stitch the ends together to create a hugh circle scarf.

It looks lovely drapped around twice and gives that snug feeling again wrapped for a third time.

Secondly, I decided to re-work the Silver/Grey Scarf in the same way.

This one was not as long as the Ecalyptus printed scarf so looks great in one drap and cosy in two.

Would love to know what everyone thinks :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the printed scarf.

  2. They look gorgeous and soft Natalie. Really like the way you've styled them. x

  3. Thank you as always for the lovely comments :) x



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