Sunday, 15 August 2010

'Who will buy...'

Yesterday was Lissi Naturally Dyed Products very first offical stall holding at Slaley Show in Northumberland.
The day went well and our stall produced a lot of interest....

The weather hadn't blessed us though and lots of fellow stallers were saying it wasn't as good a turn out as in previous years. It was a good experience as I knew from my set up that I would have benefitted from having more scarf stands and a professional banner.
I met various members of various guilds who have invited me to join them at their monthly meetings, and may teach me how to spin my own yarn! Lots of people picked up business cards and commented that they would have a look and keep us in mind for gift ideas.
All in all a good, yet wet and tiring day was had!


  1. Your stall looked lovely - just a shame about the weather. At least lots of folk took your card, so you are getting your name out there!

  2. Everything looks beautiful, your stall looks lovely Nat. Hope it all went well. xxx

  3. I love the natural look to your stall. I wish I was there to have a proper look! Hopefully you will receive enquiries/sales from people who took your card.

  4. Hi,

    From far, but really from far far away, it looked like a stand with garlic and onions in a medieval fair.
    Just kiding :-)
    Your stand looks quite neat.

    Kind regards,


  5. Your table looks so abundant! Congrats on your first stall. Your yarn is lovely!



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