Sunday, 9 May 2010

Unfound Items....

Number 1) Camera Battery Charger.
Yes, it seems moving has caught up with us as we are now starting to wonder where certain (quite important) items have been packed and buried!
I have taken some pictures on the digi camera and now when I come to upload them the battery fails and I am stuck wondering which box the darn charger is in!
I suppose it should be the least of my worries at half past ten on a Sunday night while sat here with wet hair, a bed that is to be stripped and remade, and also still need to find some clothes to wear for work tomorrow.
The house has been upside down today. It was sanding day. Very messy. Very dusty. And very very hard to clean up! I was hoping to share some pictures of just how messy it was. and that I only finished cleaning it up at half eight, but they shall have to wait until the charger reappears as for now I really should dry my hair...

Night all, and happy week to you all x

p.s. I did manage to add a couple of new products on line over the weekend though...

Available at Folksy Shop

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  1. Boxes, boxes, boxes! When will it end?! Ha! Hope you are loving your new home! I'm having a day of address changing today, not very exciting but got to be done! xo

  2. I know Laura, we are very much in cardboard box city still! It may stay that way with some things for a while whilst we spruce up the place too. I had a day of address changing and I thought I would never be done, I think I only have my driving licence to change now i've finally got the correct form. Happy settling in x



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