Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I don't know where time has gone over the past few weeks since we moved but we have now been here for nearly a month! Can you believe it.

The house itself is still very much upside down, things are moving a lot slower since I went back to work (boo) but I have a couple of long weekends over the next couple of weeks (yay!) so hopefully be able to give the decorating a good push forward and empty more boxes. We did finally find the camera battery charger - it's just my other half now has it on him when I finally get chance to sit down here at the comp! I have a few pics to share about the joys of decorating and will show you all soon.

Although I am pretty busy I am desperately missing dyeing and experimenting! I have also booked a stall at a local country show in the craft tent in August so really need to start preparing for it now. It will be my first stall and I'm very excited. I would have loved to have committed to a few more over the next few months but I decided I am best not committing to too many at once and especially when I've just moved and got a house to straighten up and furnish! But it will be a good taster at stall life and hopefully be successful with interest too.

I've been editing a few photo's here and there too, below are the latest which will hopefully be listed in a shop over the next couple of days.....


  1. It's amazing how much time moving house eats up isn't it. I'm still waiting to hear back about a few stalls this Summer but I'm keep my fingers crossed. Good luck with yours and I love the new photos too.

  2. i know what you mean about preparations, i have my first show in december to prepare for and it's something i know that the sooner i plan it the better ill be prepared lol! it's not easy when you have a million other pretty big things to do at the same time. i just recently had another baby so everything is up in the air at the mo! best of luck for the show though, im sure it'll be wonderful!



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