Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lost and Found....


I have lost my camera :(
It was the O.H's degree show on Friday night and I remember taking pictures of his display then I don't know where I put it! My bag wasn't big enough to house it so it was separate and now we are separated. Sniff.
It was a lovely Olympus one that we got at a really good price.
I have another older one to use but it is tucked away in a box still somewhere so who knows when we'll find that one!


We have found a kitten!
It was hanging around for a long time on Sunday and later on I saw it being tossed out of someones garden just as a bus went by.
We went out to comfort it and after much debate we have taken her in, fed and watered her and reported her as found to local shelters but no news yet.
She is very cute, very vocal too but too small to be out, she can only be six months at the most.
Rosie of course is not happy and does not want to socialise with anyone except me!

I have been busy dyeing yarn in many colours; oranges, blues, trying for yellow but it seems a bit mellow(!) and greens....hopefully when I find a camera I can post you all some pictures :)

Craft stall in about six weeks and I have so much to do.
The kitchen has arrived and is being fitted next week.
Time is not my friend of late!!!!

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