Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Kitten Gone Home

The cute kitten has returned to it's owner!
After being with us for a week and having no response to notices and enquiries we were starting to think we had now adopted her (much to Rosie's dismay!), but it was the other night when some kids passing my garden asked if i'd seen a missing dog so in return I asked about anyone missing a kitten, and they knew someone. It's amazing how many people kids can know! So off they went to fetch the owner and the little yappy cuteness was handed over.
'Tinkerbell' was her name.
Hopefully she'll watch where she wonders from now on.

Still no sign of my camera. Lost forever. I must start looking for another as product listings and experiments look really dull if you can't see them!

Oh, I thought I'd lost my mobile last night too. Well I did for five hours. It was later found in the shed?!

Kitchen has been demolished and is slowly being rebuilt. It was hard living without an oven and a freezer before, but now even harder without a washing machine and sink too!
It will be all in by the weekend hopefully, then there's the finishings to do......

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