Sunday, 14 March 2010

Soaps For Mum...

Today was Mothers Day and although I could'nt be with my mum today I was very much thinking about how great she is :)

All mum's are fantastic but your own is always the most precious isn't she. It's fair to say that my mum is my best friend, my rock... and font of all knowledge!!! Hopefully she knows this already x
I treated my mum to a lucious soap cup cake surprise from fellow Folksy seller Soap Aroma, who makes delicious, good enough to eat, handmade soaps. I choose to send my mum a box of four muffin soaps topped with sprinkly delights....


  1. They look so good, what a wonderful gift!

  2. wow, your blog is beautiful! {as is your work} I found you on etsy forums. following now!

    come visit me!

    p.s. your mum is a lucky lady, those look heavenly!

  3. wow, those soap cupcakes look amazing! good enough to eat :)

    I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that you have a new follower! Have a beautiful week!

    xo, Katie

  4. Such a pretty blog!
    Just stopping by to say hello!



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