Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stocking up on Etsy

After joining Etsy last year I have finally decided that I am going to give it a go and list some items in my shop there.
I find Etsy is very vast and extremely hard to get noticed but i'm trying! I have listed 5 items so far, and intend to stagger listings, as I am with my Folksy shop now, in the hope that one of my products will be floating about in the early pages of searches etc.
I have also been spreading the link love with my Etsy shop included but as yet I still have only 1 person who hearts my shop :( It is still early days but would love some support if anybody would like to heart me and of course I will always reciprocate and spread the word :)

Visit Lissi on Etsy here


  1. Good luck in your new shop, braver than me! :-) Max

  2. Hmmm...Been there and tried it I felt like a needle in a hay stack!! Your work is soo unique and lovely though I am sure you will do well...good luck :-) x

  3. Listing is one of those things I seem to never have time for, but is sooo important.



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