Friday, 30 April 2010

Back on the World Wide Web


We have finally regained internet access after our move last weekend...I feel out of touch with things at the min and have been sat here for the past hour updating addresses and accounts which is now making me rather sleepy as I think this is the longest I have sat still since last Friday! So yes, fairly tired.

The move itself was tedious - just when i though i'd sorted everything i'd remember something else, then there was the cleaning, the handing over of the keys to the new tenant who was a pain in the backside, and now there's the decorating! We have made a start on our bedroom but I am having a day off from it today and decided to cut the grass and cut weeds that are poking through our back fence instead.

Tomorrow I have appointments at B&Q and Wickes to design some kitchen ideas - an expense we could do without but we desperately need the lopsided cupboards replacing and a working oven sooner than we thought - it's very hard doing a food shop when you can't use an oven! Thank the lord for finance options.

On Sunday I am heading home to Whitby to visit family for a couple of days - this had been booked well before we knew our moving date as it is my Mum's birthday at the beginning of May and although she is telling me not to bother I am as it has been nearly two months since we last met up already!
Then on Wednesday I shall return to work....we won't say too much about that.

As with regards to Lissi, I have now offically re-opened all online shops for people to peruse once again. I have started to add some products to my 'Buy Online' section on this blog so that people can be directed straight to a shop if they see something they like. I have also started added some dye samples imagery to the 'Gallery' section for a bit of interest too. I have photos of new products taken a couple of weeks ago to edit then I can add these products online to share with you all. Hopefully they should start to emerge within the next week or so when things (might) start to settle down.
It's good to be back!

Plaque By Aiden Crafts


  1. Hope you're settling in well Natalie, good job it's salad weather!! Thanks for featuring my plaque and hope you feel you are 'Home Sweet Home', Di x

  2. Glad to hear you got moved ok. Have fun designing your new kitchen and try not to think too much about the cost!

  3. I hate moving- it is so hard to settle in! Once you do though it will all be worth it :) I hope you have a lovely and relaxing visit with your family!



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