Monday, 5 April 2010

Contents = silk + foliage = unknown

In a recent post I showed a photo of silk sitting contently in a jar of eucalyptus dye, well below is that very piece of silk!

As I explained in the post it had been experimented with for a compost dye technique and I hadn't been patient enough to leave it long. The marks on the silk are from the compost dye which had various leaves folded in with the fabric. The dye the silk has been sat in has been exhausted as it would normally be showing a deeper orangey-tan colour having stewed for so long. And so I decided I would experiment further....

I collected foliage from out and about outside my home. In the picture above you can see Ivy, Bracken, Laurel, Rhododendron and dried leaves from autumn, plus the odd flecks of purple are Crocuses that have seen better days.

They were all spritzed with water them folded tightly and squeezed back into the jar.....

I'm very curious as to what will emerge differently this time, if anything, and for how long I can wait before opening.....


  1. This is such an interesting process. I'm eager to see how it turns out. And I hope you can wait long enough to get better results!

  2. Looks interesting just as the fabric & nature ephemera in the jar
    : )
    Hopefully it turns out just as interesting!

  3. I've not heard of compost dyeing so am now intrigued! We have a eucalyptus tree near our house so for once I'd have materials.



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