Sunday, 18 April 2010


I have a couple of things to share...

Firstly, we are moving into our very own home on Friday! I have been keeping (fairly) quiet about buying our first house as I have quite honestly been nervous throughout the whole process! We made the offer at the end of January and thought we would have been moved a lot sooner as there are no chains etc but it's taken over three months and we're finally going.
We've started to pack up our belongings this past week and discovered that there is a lot to shift and that the five boxes I had already managed to collect barely stored anything once we got started!

Here's a picture of Rosie exhausted from it all....
Yes, she had managed to get cosy in a couple of stacked boxes and fall into a nice deep you do. She has no idea what is happening and hopefully she will adjust well in her new home.
Secondly, on the crafting front, I have invested in a wee box of DK Merino yarn...only 4.5kgs!
I have been wanting to dye yarn for some time but due to lack of outside space I had resisted, but now we are moving and will have a front and back garden to play in I decided I would stock up ready to take the plunge! I am hoping to dye yarn to sell in skeins as well as making limited pieces for my Autumn and Winter collections.

I will keep you updated when I come to doing some colour tests!


  1. NAT! This is exciting news!! Is this with the boy? Such fab news - good luck with the move, and let me know your new address. xxxxx

  2. Good luck with the move! We're packing boxes at the minute too so I know how you feel.

    I've been thinking of dyeing yarn myself but haven't got round to it (like a lot of my plans!!) so you may have a buyer there!

  3. All the best for your move Nat! I'll be thinking bout you on Friday, might be unwittingly driving past you!


  4. Thanks for the well wishes all, I shall keep you all updated :)

    Sarah - It is indeed with my young man! I shall forward the address on soon x

    Sharon - are you planning on going far? I thought we were never going to's like box city here! x

    Laura - hope your move goes smoothly too at last, enjoy the views along the way x



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