Thursday, 9 September 2010


...the silk from the jar experiments has been made into a scarf!
Do you remember this jar with the silk stuffed inside and left to do it's thing through snow, frost and sunshine?
The final destination for the silk was in a aluminium bucket with several exhaust dyes poured on top. Lots of reclaimed iron nails were added. The top of the bucket was wrapped with cling film and then it was left out in the sunshine and rain for a further couple of weeks.
I didn't report on this at the time as it was when I lost my camera back in July so I couldn't take any pictures to share!
So, anyway, here is a final piece (finally) to show you all.
I have made a triangular scarf...

The piece of silk has enough left to make a second triangular scarf and hopefully a long scarf or a circle snood scarf.
I think it was worth the wait :)


  1. That is gorgeous - looks like it would be at home in a big store like All Saints here in the UK for a lot of cash - I've got some great grey jeans this would look stunning with :) Debs

  2. thank you for your lovely comment Deb...put a smile on my face after a dreary day at the office! x



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