Friday, 17 September 2010

Purple Daze

The latest in my yarn dyeing has produced an array of bright purple daze!

Dyed using a natural plant based dye from Logwood, the yarns below show a varying gradient of purples.
The yarn is DK Merino 100grams per skein.

I have lots of yummy coloured yarn to list still - the reason it is taking so long is that I am having great difficulty taking good pictures with my camera lately. Very frustrating as I have tried two cameras that I have and they both are showing fuzzy and the wrong represenations of colour!! grrrrr...I am working on it and will hopefully have some good photos soon.

Below is a piece of silk that was also dyed in the Logwood dye pot. wrapped in a bundle and tied with elastic bands it was firstly soaked with heat added and left overnight. The following three nights I have rearranged the elastic bands and left it to soak in the cold dye bath which has created a striking pattern throughout...

Which type of scarves shall I make from this?....


  1. Wow! I love the colors! I really love that silk, the changes in colors over it are beautiful :) I need to go check out your shop!

  2. Beautiful colours! Amazing to see the colours you achieve naturally, very impressive!



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