Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Garden Life

The past weekend was mostly spent painting and decorating the house, and sprucing up the flower pots in the back garden.

The house is very slowly progressing - there is still no room completely finished and possibly a lot more dust to come but we'll get there. I really can't wait for the day when I can unpack some personal pocessions to make the house a home!!

Some potted pictures to brighten this post...

The eucalyptus tree was intended for the front garden but I can't see us digging the borders that are needed for it this side of spring unfortunately! I bought some pansies to replace all my weather beaten pertunias from the horrible amount of rain we had in August and now the wind has set in and made them look a little droopy...my poor plants are not having a good time of it!

I also decided that I would get my dyeing pans out at 4pm on Sunday, as you do when you have to go to work 15hours later, and cooked up some purple delights. I shall post the results in a couple of days as I still have a wrapped bundle of silk soaking in a pan and need the wind to die down so I can take a good picture for you all !

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